Balearic Social 3rd Birthday with special guests Clandestino 1.3.14 Outlaws Yacht Club

Time fly's and this month we celebrate Balearic Social hitting 3.

For the celebrations we have invited local space cadet's and record collectors Clandestino to play records at Outlawsyachtclub Leeds.

We have played a couple out nights out together on a more uptempo vibe so this see's digging further into the collection to play the more weird and wonderful sides of the collections.

Joe Morris Iain Mcbeath & Nick Smith make up the trio of Clandestino.

They also have a group where you can access the mixcast's from their guests.

Here is the mix back in Dec for the show

Andy Pye.
Old Pal Steph Gillis
Craig Schofield

Will provide music throughout the day and early evening.

Playing music you may have heard and some you may not but you will enjoy.

3pm-11pm and its free as a bird hope you can join us.

Mixes here  

Event Here

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