Forthcoming guests - Balearic Social Radio.

Forthcoming Guests

July 26th

Craig Christon

Aug 2nd

Raised by Wolves

Aug 9th

Find another name

Aug 16th

Dr Rob

Aug 23rd

Lucy Scarisbrick

Aug 30th

Phil Mison( Joe's Bakery monthly guest mix)

Sept 6th

Lee James

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Andy Pye & Nigel Long @ Joes Bakery Leeds Sat 30th July

This month we are joined by our good friend Nigel long.... Nigel is a obsessive music collector and knows how to rock a party. You can expect
something eclectic and very Balearic......

Also we have very special guest Andy Pye founder of the Balearic Social radio show .. The show is listened to world wide and gaining dedicated listeners every week...

DJ's Craig Christon & Joe the Baker

Music Balearic beats & Cosmic Curveballs...

Live ART by Matt Furness

Food A fusion of organic Dock st Delights....




Balearic Social radio show podcast 19/7/2011 download


8pm - 9pm

Balearic Social

1.Maxxi and Zeus - The Struggle
2.Steve Moore - 248 Years
3.Inter Groupie Psychotheraputic Elastic Band - Floating
4.La Big Vic - Musica
5.Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
6.Frankie Valli - Your a song i cant sing
7.Cher - Walk on Gilded Splinters
8.Micheal Bundt - La Chasse Aux Microbes
9.One Dove - Fallen
10.Primal Scream - Higher than the sun

9pm - 10pm

Guest mix Superlekker

1.Smith & Mudd - The Start
2.Partners In Crime - Get In To It
3.Funk Inc - Give Me Your Love
4.Jan Hammer - The Crockets Theme
5.Coyote - Layback
6.Factor 8 - Riviera Syndrome
7.Beatfanatic - Cosmic Love
8.The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
9.Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
10.Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Roots Unit Goodbye Earth remix)
11.Phoreski - Minimal Relaxation

10pm - 11pm

Balearic Social

1.Ned Doheny - Give it up for love (AC re-edit)
2.Phantom Slasher - Your Wishful sigh
3.Klubb Kebabb - Dum Dum Delay
4.Moebius - Urth
5.Craig Bratley - Birdshell (6th Borough Project mix)
6.Mike Oldfield - Guilty(long mix)
7.Young Edits - How we walk on the moon
8.Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise
9.A Man called Adam - Easter Song


Listen up.

Balearic Social - Saturday Social special


A two hour Saturday Balearic special for Northern Underground radio

1. Washed Out - Eyes be Closed
2. Meanderthals - Collective Fetish
3. Almunia - Electro Blues
4. Eddy Rhead - Heart
5. Coyote - Childhood Memory
6. Appo - Teardrop
7. Alan Parsons Project - The System of Doctor Tarr & Professor Fether
8. Micheal Bundt - La Chasse Aux Microbes
9. I Boat Captain - Moody Beat(Coyote mix)
10.Seahawks - Minds of Men Hearts of Space
11.Locussolus - Little Boots(Emperor Machine edit)
12.Appo - Monkey Magic
13.Chris Rea - On the Beach(Extended mix)
14.Amadeo - Memories


Voyage One (un mix de L'Alchemiste)

Soundcloud link

A 65-minute musical voyage by L'Alchemiste, featuring additional sorcery by Vincent Prose.

Tracklist as follows…

1. L’Alchemiste – L’Alchemiste: An Introduction [feat Pierre Bensusan]
2. Jam On The Mutha – Hotel California [The Orb In Cali Remix]
3. Nikita Quasim – Freshman Year [Version Alchemiste]
4. L’Alchemiste – Earning Power [feat Isaac Guillory]
5. L’Alchemiste – Do Anything [Edit]
6. Guilo DJ – Inner Life [Coyote Ambient Mix]
7. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat [Version Alchemiste]
8. L’Alchemiste – The Organ At Hammerton Park
9. Soft Rocks – Was It Good?
10. Hot RS – Slow Blow [Phantom Slasher Edit]
11. Electric Souls – Big Trouble [Re-Touched]
12. Pat Metheny Group – Her Family [Version Alchemiste]
13. L’Alchemiste – I Dubbed Another Woman
14. L’Alchemiste – Mom?

Slowness speed & time

New mix to download

1.Fern Kinney – Baby Let Me Kiss You
2.Biddu Orchestra - Voodoo Man
3.Deodata - Night Cruiser
4.Talking Heads - Moon Rocks
5.Alan Parsons Project - To one in paradise
6.Destroyer - The laziest river
7.San Sebastien Strings – Gypsy Camp