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Balearic Social invites.

This month we switch back to friends in Leeds for our record selectors.

Andy Pye & Craig Schofield are joined by Duncan Martinus.

Balearic music for your pleasure.

Music starts at 5pm through until 11pm.

Andy & Craig will then be heading over to Milo to play at The Raised by Wolves Party.

Music for ears and feet 11pm-3am.

Balearic Social.


Balearic Social Radio 11.10.2011

Tonights show available to download

Balearic Social
1. San Sebastian Strings – My friend the sea
2. Bandjo – There is Time
3. Steve Moore – Orogenous Zones
4. Torn Sail – Birds (cos/mes mix)
5. Peter Best – In the truck
6. Cymande – For baby ooh
7. Dueter – Soham
8. Abel - 7th of April
9. Bad Heir – Duelling drums
10. Jonathan Wilson – Magic Everywhere
11.Chris Coco – Only love
12.Laurie Anderson – O Superman
13.Quango Quango – Love Tempo

Guest Mix - Mark Limb
Woljciech Kilar - Love Remembered
Kitaro - Bell Tower
Bob James - Women Of Ireland
Goran Bregovic - Old Home Movie
Sergio Mendes - After Sunrise
Santana - Aqua Marine
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
Azymuth - Gate Of Time
Natalie Cole - La Costa
Batteaux - High Tide
Ned Doheny - The Devil In You
Antena - Seaside Weekend
Letta Mbulu - Down By The River
Mike Francis - Let Me In

Balearic Blends & Mixes

A new page added on Facebook with some nice mixes to download.
Balearic Blends


Sat Night Balearic Social @ Dockstreet Market Leeds 8th Oct

Sat night the monthly Balearic Social shindig at Dockstreet Market in Leeds starts at 5pm until 11pm.

Guest DJ's from Manchester Eighty Six.


Balearic Social Radio 4.10.2011

Balearic Social Radio Show 4.10.2011

Download Andy Pye

1. Tropics - Tellasar
2. Traffic – Walkin in the Wind
3. Heroes of the Galleon Trade – Winter Island Romance
4. Mindless Boogie – A Pint a Day
5. Spike – Magic Table
6. Begin – Velocity 2 (33)
7. Unknown – Dreams of San Antonio
8. Low Band – Willowman
9. Undisputed Truth – What’s going on
10.Moodswings – State of Independence

Balearic Social Guest Mix - Kenny Wisdom 4.10.2011

Download Kenny Wisdom