Balearic Social December Guests

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New Show Forthcoming Outlaws Yacht Club Radio on KMAH

Balearic Social will be presenting a new show on KMAH Radio as part of the weekly Outlaws Yacht Club Radio show. Broadcast each Tues between 6pm - 8pm Balearic Social will serving up a tasty two hour show every 10 weeks. You can hear us live on Tuesday 9th Dec.
Keep an eye out for the broadcasting links.


New Record Shop Hitting London - Love Vinyl.

In an age where record shops are more noted for closing well that trend is about to be turned around with the opening of Love Vinyl
Love Vinyl is due to open in early June off Kingsland Road at 5 Pearson St, London, E2 8JD
When you have Dave Jarvis, Stuart Patterson & Zaf involved you know this is going to be a bit special with a wealth of knowledge these guys have its a destination you want to visit on a regular basis. 

You can keep an eye on the progress and the opening day by hitting the Love Vinyl Facebook page here Love Vinyl

You can also follow on

Good Luck with the venture.



Balearic Social & Friends June 2014 Rooftop Party.

Balearic Social Party

We are going outdoors for a summer get together if you haven't visited Belgrave then be prepared its a great space.

Balearic Social will be hosting the rooftop with music from 5pm - 11pm

Its a free event so no tickets are required no door fee just turn up and enjoy the evening's musical pleasure's.

Capacity is 120 so get down early.

Music Selection

Balearic Social
& guests.


Exclusive .Mw T-Shirt available to order.

Now available to order on the website
Exclusive .Mw T-Shirt

Message from .Mw Droozed On The Medium Wave....

Sincere thanks to Andy Pye and Balearic Social listeners for fueling the fire and making years and years and YEARS of record digging all the more worthwhile and rewarding...

And getting us Outlaws one step closer to a pardon...Look out for the next .Mw mix (Volume 6) , Backyard Boogie Droozing (Volume Two), An all female mix (Sisters Always Had A Voice) and a very special Balearic Social meets .Mw mix....


Clandestino - Free Party 5.4.13

Clandestino are throwing a party they don't happen very often when they do they always do it good.
Last time out at The now defunct Garage i was asked to play Waxwerks with the lads in Feb last year.

A year and a bit on a nice space they tell me has emerged and your all invited.

I'll be playing records at the event after Outlaws Yacht Club.

Its limited in space but the good news is if you want to come just follow the link and grab your free ticket.

Prior to the party we are at Outlaws Yacht Club for our Balearic Social Monthly with guest Chris Maude from The Devils Jukebox

Music from 2pm.

Info from the event on Facebook
 In keeping with our mantra for throwing occasional parties (currently tracking at one per year, how’s that for consistent?), it’s time for another Clandestino throw down.

We are stripping things right back to the bone on this one.
Small venue. Limited to 100 capacity.
Free entry. No guests DJ’s. Just a collective of passionate record selectors dedicated to making you dance and have a good time.
Venue to be announced. City centre location.

Music? A Balearic attitude joining the dots between disco, afro, boogie, cosmic & house music old and new. For your free ticket register your email at Clandestino

The venue will be announced to your email address a few days before


We Are The Sunset Presents Phil Mison 23.3.14

WE ARE THE SUNSET returns to its spiritual home for its monthly get together at
The Star by Hackney Downs this Sunday.

Joining Andy Taylor will be Phil Mison who will be playing an extended 4hr set.

Get down early bag a seat check out the lovely roast's and enjoy what is a splendid get together on Sunday afternoon/evenings.

Details here

WE ARE THE SUNSET with Special Guest Phil Mison 


Dan Axon - Twelve Twelve Hundreds

 Yesterday Outlaws Yacht Club held an exhibition by celebrated artist Dan Axon.

Its also a celebration of what is seen as the table of choice for people whole like to listen to wax on.

The turntables have been overhauled in design which makes them unique, such detail has been added to the deck you can see why these sell in a short space of time.

If anyone else out there would like to have Dan exhibit these wonderful pieces then he can be contacted on the links below.






Balearic Social March Downloads.

                                                                      Tokyo Matt
                                                                         Dr Rob
                                                                        Leo Mas
                                                                      Din Daa Daa


Balearic Social 3rd Birthday

Balearic Social turns 3 this weekend and to celebrate we have our monthly get together at
 Outlaws Yacht Club Leeds with special guests Clandestino details are Balearic Social 1.3.14

Here is a mix to celebrate the 3 years of the show thanks to everyone for the support and everyone who contributes.

Square Sun Balearic Social 3rd Birthday.



Manpower Mix

Here is a link to a new mix from Manpower for El Pais in Spain.
Unreleased music and an interview as well contains tracks from previous guests on Balearic Social.



Balearic Social - Overland guest mix for Lodown Magazine Feb 14.

Here is the link to the guest mix i have done for Lodown Magazine thanks to Stefan for asking me to put it together.

The mix can be downloaded here Overland


Balearic Social 3rd Birthday with special guests Clandestino 1.3.14 Outlaws Yacht Club

Time fly's and this month we celebrate Balearic Social hitting 3.

For the celebrations we have invited local space cadet's and record collectors Clandestino to play records at Outlawsyachtclub Leeds.

We have played a couple out nights out together on a more uptempo vibe so this see's digging further into the collection to play the more weird and wonderful sides of the collections.

Joe Morris Iain Mcbeath & Nick Smith make up the trio of Clandestino.

They also have a group where you can access the mixcast's from their guests.

Here is the mix back in Dec for the show

Andy Pye.
Old Pal Steph Gillis
Craig Schofield

Will provide music throughout the day and early evening.

Playing music you may have heard and some you may not but you will enjoy.

3pm-11pm and its free as a bird hope you can join us.

Mixes here  

Event Here


Balearic Social 16.2.14 special guests Hugh Herrera & Nick Cubley Downloads

This weeks show we have Hugh Herrera & Nick Cubley with guest mixes.

Hugh is if you are not aware the man behind the wonderful H - Track Label.

Hugh did us a wonderful favour by shipping some copy's over of Edit series 3 last year with the excellent California One track if you dont know it check it out.


Loads more stuff from Hugh on Soundcloud can be heard here.


Hugh also plays records at the wonderful Herringbone
So if your ever in California pop yourselves in.


Nick makes up the final piece of the trio featured over the last few weeks.

Seekmagic is a wonderful night that runs from the Tanners in Newcastle on the first Sat of each month much like Balearic Social the mix of music can't be pigeon holed just three lads playing ace music they also have guests.

Soundcloud page for Seekmagic is here https://soundcloud.com/seekmagic


Seekmagic will be back at Outlawsyachtclub Leeds in Dec to close the year with the Balearic Social Christmas Party.

Its ages off but put it in your diary.

On air usual place www.purple-radio.co.uk
8am - 10am

Balearic Social 
Hugh Herrera
Nick Cubley