Balearic Social radio show podcast 19/7/2011 download


8pm - 9pm

Balearic Social

1.Maxxi and Zeus - The Struggle
2.Steve Moore - 248 Years
3.Inter Groupie Psychotheraputic Elastic Band - Floating
4.La Big Vic - Musica
5.Area Code 615 - Stone Fox Chase
6.Frankie Valli - Your a song i cant sing
7.Cher - Walk on Gilded Splinters
8.Micheal Bundt - La Chasse Aux Microbes
9.One Dove - Fallen
10.Primal Scream - Higher than the sun

9pm - 10pm

Guest mix Superlekker

1.Smith & Mudd - The Start
2.Partners In Crime - Get In To It
3.Funk Inc - Give Me Your Love
4.Jan Hammer - The Crockets Theme
5.Coyote - Layback
6.Factor 8 - Riviera Syndrome
7.Beatfanatic - Cosmic Love
8.The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
9.Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
10.Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Roots Unit Goodbye Earth remix)
11.Phoreski - Minimal Relaxation

10pm - 11pm

Balearic Social

1.Ned Doheny - Give it up for love (AC re-edit)
2.Phantom Slasher - Your Wishful sigh
3.Klubb Kebabb - Dum Dum Delay
4.Moebius - Urth
5.Craig Bratley - Birdshell (6th Borough Project mix)
6.Mike Oldfield - Guilty(long mix)
7.Young Edits - How we walk on the moon
8.Psychemagik - Valley of Paradise
9.A Man called Adam - Easter Song

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