Balearic Social - End of year show 30.12.12

The last show of the year will be a two hour round up of music which ive enjoyed and played on Balearic Social.

2012 saw debut release's for Aficionado the label tracks from Shaun Lee, Bodies of Water & Colorama all great.

Tommy Awards causing a fair stir on Magic Feet splendid sleeve even more splendid tracks on the inside.

Is it Balearic once again no let up with more fantastic release's along side the Magic Wand series.

Late runner but will be a favourite for a long time been the Land of Light LP amazing stuff.

Scott Fraser - Life of Silence on Bird Scarer simply phenomenal.

Loads more stuff but il let you check the show out on Sunday.

Thanks for the support in 2012 hope to see you all in 2013.

Balearic Social.


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