Balearic Social - Rubicon

A new mix from my travels in New York pretty much barring the last track were all bought in NYC hope you enjoy.

Balearic Social



  1. nice mix. any chance of a playlist?

  2. David Axelrod - The Warnings Pt1
    Lee Ritenour - Matchmakers
    Edward H Dafis - Y Penderfyniad
    Nils Lofgren - Kool Skool
    Billy Green - Amanda
    Barabas - Fly away
    Charles Olsen Reads
    Wally Badarou - Novela Das Nove
    Dave Mason - Sweet Music
    The Earons - Land of Hunger
    Eberhard Weber - Moana II
    Bay City Rollers - Love Fever
    Billy Paul - East
    Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - San Diego (Phil Mison mix)

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