Balearic Social 2011

Balearic Social Radio

Launched in Feb on northern-underground seems such a long time ago with the amount of guests to have played the show but here is an overview of who's been on.

Click the links.
 MoonBoots *
John Clements
Sean Johnston
Phil Mison
Jolyon Green *
The Project Club
The Starkiller
Soft Rocks *
Max Essa
Dj Zak Hamburg
Kenny Wisdom
Chris Murray
Dr Rob
Lucy Scarisbrick
Timm Sure
Martin Brew
Tokyo Matt
Joe The Baker*
Raised by Wolves
Bedmo Disco
Eighty Six
Mark Limb
Lee James
The Wolf
Ryan Shaw

*recorded at Joe's Bakery Dockstreet Market Leeds

Plenty of mixes for you to check out from this years show other people featured on the show with myself Craig Christon, Craig Schofield and from Greece  Panagiotis Gazis.
Plenty to look forward to in 2012 starting with The Seahawks on 3rd Jan.

Thanks again to everyone for support and listening to the show.

Balearic Social x.

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